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Nexar Introduces Industry-Leading Data and Insights from Spectra

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Nexar has launched Spectra, the electronic industry’s first and only source of data to integrate design, supply chain, and manufacturing insights. All of this detailed information comes from thousands of trusted Nexar partners and millions of daily user interactions. With Spectra, our customers can access insights that will help them make more informed decisions about trends in the electronic industry. 

Supply chain disruptions have become a way of life and have caused numerous delays. Spectra’s goal is to help businesses avoid supply chain issues. You are able to see current trends along with historical data to help indicate what might not be available down the road. With insights available exclusively from Spectra, you’ll gain an invaluable point of view of the entire electronics industry.

Spectra is a suite of data products with Electronic Design to Delivery Index (EDDI) as the first of several offerings to come. EDDI, a free monthly report with industry-wide data which features an industry supply index, allows our customers to identify past trends and trend changes dating back to January 2020. Design and demand indices are coming soon. After EDDI has launched, additional products will follow including Supply Chain Resilience, a custom report with in-depth data on your BOM or specific sets of components, and Daily Inventory History, a historical record of part-level inventory availability. 

Visit this page to subscribe to Spectra’s Electronic Design to Delivery Index. Once subscribed, you will receive the most recent EDDI along with future reports delivered via email each month.