Supply Chain Process Enhancements

Navigating the complexities of the electronics supply chain can be a daunting task, especially in today's dynamic and ever-changing market. Maintaining a consistent supply of components and sourcing new parts often requires extensive research, negotiations with suppliers, and a deep understanding of market trends.

With the right tools and strategies, you can streamline your supply chain processes, transform your procurement strategy, and build a more resilient supply chain for your organization.

Reimagine supply chain operations with a holistic solution that empowers you to:

Build a resilient supply chain

Deploy strategies to diversify supplier networks, use data analytics, and foster collaboration among supply chain partners that enhance resilience and navigate disruptions more effectively.

Optimize component procurement

Use real-time insights into component availability to prioritize purchases effectively and create a more resilient supply chain.

Forge strategic partnerships

Use expertise to establish strong partnerships with trusted suppliers to streamline production processes, eliminate friction, and enhance the overall manufacturing experience.

Ensure Data Visibility

Effective supply chain management requires accurate and up-to-date data on component availability, pricing, and supplier performance.

Our Solution


The Nexar API provides real-time visibility into component availability and pricing, identifies potential shortages, and allows users to make informed decisions with component monitoring capabilities. Avoid stockouts, reduce lead times, and reduce disruptions.

Valuable Insights

Optimize processes based on past performance metrics, Octopart's part data and Spectra's data intelligence provide valuable insights, such as Electronic Design to Delivery Index (EDDI) and Supply Chain Resilience (SCR) reports.

BOM Integration

With Octocart, users can effortlessly evaluate their BOMs and seamlessly connect their shopping carts to their preferred distributors' websites. We provide insight into component supply, availability, and demand throughout the design stage.

Agile Solutions

Altimade is a game-changer for procurement. It streamlines the entire process of manufacturing and provides a digital thread from design to production. With Altimade, there's no need for file exports or translations, as everything is integrated into the design software.

EMA Design Automation

By providing access to real-time supply chain data and insights, Octopart empowers professionals to make informed decisions that optimize product design and procurement strategies. This data-driven approach helps to mitigate supply chain risks, reduce costs, and accelerate product development cycles.

Watch this video to learn how Octopart supports designers and electrical engineers navigate complex supply chain issues.

Gopakumar (Gopu) Achath - VP of Technology at EMA Design Automation

Find out how Spectra's can help you...

Obsolete Workflow

An obsolete workflow can be a costly mistake.

⭕ An engineer's annual admin workload is ~ 159 hours*.

⭕ 2.8 boards re-spins* per project, at an average cost $46,000.

⭕ Cost/availability forces replacement parts in up to 80%* of PCB designs.

* A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting.

"Hyperconnection, today, is the key differentiator for new generation supply chains. Nexar, with its timely and broad spectrum telemetry, is one of the most reliable sources in stitching hyperconnected ecosystems in the electronics marketplace."

--Patchigolla Prasad, CTO for Tech Business, TCS